Work-Life Balance

 work life balance Introduction 

Work-life balance is a phrase that get used a lot in the context of the        workplace. It tends to get treated as some unattainable elusive goal. This    reality is that life today is a stressful experience for many people who    often feel powerless due to their work and life circumstances.


This workshop looks at the reality of life today and is designed to get participants taking a fresh look at their circumstances and deciding if any change is required to achieve their life objectives. It focuses on stress and time management; diet and exercise; Planning ahead.


Course: Work-Life Balance

Duration: 3 Hours

Max # Participants: 15 people

Cost: $800 plus gst (that is total cost for up to 15 people)

Training Provider: HR Development and Training Ltd

Trainer: Dave Griffith

For more information or booking, email Dave Griffith at or call 021-2221359

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