HR Development and Training Ltd is set up to deliver tailored training solutions to almost any organisational structure or situation.

Our training solutions are customised to the industry and level we are working with. workplace compliance requirements in human resources and health and safety are becoming increasingly complex. It is essential that our management and staff know what the law requires and how it is applied in their unique work environment.

Our current courses are listed below. If you have additional training you require relating to health and safety, HR issues, sales and service we will write the course and you will only pay for the delivery of it not the development.

Managers and employees get the best out of training when it is concise and highly relevant to their circumstances. They also get a lot out of it if there is free food, but that is not our area of expertise.

All our training courses include a post-course online skill check to verify learning and ongoing online access to course notes.

Management Training - Human Resources

Work-Life Balance

Leadership in the Workplace

Management Training – Health and Safety

The Health and Safety at Work Act and Your Workplace

Hazard Management for Supervisors and Managers

Health and Safety – Contractor Management

Workplace Human Resources Training

Communication in the Workplace

Workplace Harassment and Bullying Prevention

Workplace Health and Safety Training

Hazard Management in the NZ Workplace

Successful Health and Safety Committees

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