About Us

A lot of policies and procedures about people, health, safety and wellbeing do not paint a picture of how organisations operate in reality. As a working nation we have tied ourselves up in bureaucratic knots over ‘compliance’ and labelled it ‘best practice’. At HR Development we say – do what is right for people and compliance will usually take care of itself. HR Development has no employees. We are a group of safety and HR practitioners who work together on projects to help our clients with affordable, practical solutions.

HR Development is facilitated by Dave Griffith, from our base on the Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand

If you need help with anything to do with people in the workplace please email: support@hrdevelopment.co.nz and we will see what we can achieve together.

Our client base includes:

  • Government Departments and Agencies
  • Local and Regional Authorities
  • Trades People
  • Private Industry
  • Not for Profit Organisations
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education Providers
  • Healthcare Providers

We Do:

  • Health and Safety
  • Employment Relations
  • Business planning
  • Training and Development
  • Organisational Development
  • OnlineLearning
  • Policy and Procedures Writing
  • Health and Safety Software – PeopleSafe
  • Cloud-based Alarms, Cameras (CCTV)


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