Office – Safety Passport

Office – Safety Passport

Version 2.0 of HR Developments successful Office – Safety Passport is in production. It provides quality health and safety inductions for new staff  and refreshers for existing staff, and is tailored to your requirements. Office – Safety Passport – Premium edition delivers 2.5 hours of online training that gives staff a great grounding in how to stay healthy and safe in an office environment. Office Safety Passport is a blend of customised vocam safety-tv E-Learning courses and our own in-house E-Learning platform – safety learning. It is divided into five modules for ease of delivery. Being cloud based means staff can complete it at work, home or on the move. It can be viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The Carnivore Corporation team are on hand throughout the training to offer helpful advice and a steady supply of examples of what not to do.

Topics covered are:

  • Health and Safety Essentials
  • Office Ergonomic Essentials
  • Office Manual Tasks And Hazards
  • Office Fire Prevention and Response
  • Office Health and Hygiene 

Version 2.0 has revised all the modules to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. A completely new Health and Safety Essentials course covers all the basics of health and safety management in the workplace and shows staff how to engage successfully with health and safety and play their part in keeping everyone safe.

Administering health and safety inductions and refresher training can be resource intensive. We take all the potential angst away by doing all the administration for you. All we need is the name and email address of the staff member and the rest is sorted. You have full administrator access to check that your staff have completed their modules and what their results were. Certificates are automatically available for staff to print off when they have achieved the assessment standards.

Office – Safety Passport is also available in the basic version which has two modules:

  • Health and Safety Essentials
  • Office Safety for Today’s Workplace

Office – Safety Passport  standard version gives 1 hour of E-Learning training for staff that covers an overview of the essential health and Safety Induction topics such as:

  • Fire safety
  • manual handling
  • ergonomics  

If you would like to be part of the Health and Safety Passport – Office family and help drive down the cost of quality safety inductions then please send a contact request (below). We would love to hear from you.

Dave, Kane and Renee 🙂

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