Len Brown affair allegations damaging for reputation

Len Brown affair allegations damaging for reputation

and then I undid my trousers.....how big was it? oh about that big.

and then I undid my trousers…..how big was it? oh about that big.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has been caught up in allegations of having an extra-marital relationship with a council employee. Freelance journalist Stephen Cook has reported on the Whaleoil blogsite today that the newly elected mayor had a two-year affair with a woman 25 years his junior, including sex during office hours and on council premises.

The mayor has been married to his wife Shan Inglis for more than 20 years and the couple have three children.
The alleged mistress has sworn an affidavit and says she has text messages to back up her claims, according to the report.

She said a security guard once found her naked with Mr Brown in the Ngati Whatua room in the Town Hall and she thought their relationship would become public. The pair also had sex in Mr Brown’s council office, according to the 32-year-old woman.

She also claimed to have been sent an anonymous text message warning her against going public with her story. Mr Brown was not immediately available for comment.

Council chief executive Doug McKay went to the mayoral office at the Auckland Town Hall about 3pm to meet senior staff in Mr Brown’s office and deputy mayor Penny Hulse. Talks took place in Mr Brown’s personal office.

After the talks he told the NZ Herald he had spoken with the mayor’s staff about the situation. “My job is to go back and run the organization.

“He needs some space to deal with it. He has got some family and personal issues to work through and I think we should give him a bit of time to do that,” said Mr McKay. He said he had not spoken to Mr Brown about the matter and the mayor was not at the mayoral office. His mayoral car was not parked at its spot outside the town hall.

A politician having an affair with staff is nothing new. In fact politicians not having affairs are probably more of a rarity. There is certainly nothing in this that will affect Len Browns ability to run Auckland City. The problem he has is the image makers have created this persona of Len Brown being the good guy family man. This image it appears is based is something of a lie. Tiger Woods is one chap in recent history who created a similar family guy persona only for reality to come calling. Tigers string of affairs were not related to his job as a golfer but it still damaged his reputation severely.

Len Brown is going to find his public reputation takes a hit and he will face animosity from some people that previously supported him (including his wife?). Take your medicine Len – I hope it was worth the price you are going to pay. Nothing like a jilted lover with nothing to loose to rain on your parade eh Len? Basically mate, Kiwi’s get pissed off when someone tries to make out they are something they are not.

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