Briscoes fined after customer trips over box

Briscoes fined after customer trips over box

briscoesBriscoe Group has been fined $75,000 plus reparations after a customer tripped over a carton in the aisle of the Manukau Briscoes Homeware store in December last year.

Briscoes was ordered to pay fines to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and $4000 in reparations to the customer, in addition to a $5000 contribution already paid.

The company said the fine was higher-than-expected, considering precedents for equivalent accidents and circumstances.
Briscoes said it would not take any further action until it had reviewed the judge’s sentencing notes.

The company pleaded guilty to the serious harm injury charge brought by MBIE and co-operated with MBIE throughout the investigation. Directors, management and staff were distressed about the accident and the injury to the customer the company said.

“Briscoe Group takes health and safety in our stores very seriously and we constantly review our policies and procedures to ensure we are minimising risks for our customers and staff,” it said.

The company said it had been advised not to make any further statements until it had reviewed the judge’s sentencing notes and decided whether any further action should be taken in regard to the sentence.


The judges sentencing notes are going to be very interesting. There must be extenuating circumstances for a bulk retailer to be given a fine of this size for this offence. Unless there is something unusual in play then people looking for a fast buck or attention are going to be tripping over cartons in bulk retailers across the country.

It is not like the carton fell on them – they tripped over it. Look out supermarkets who stack the cartons in their isles in non-peak times getting ready for stock filling. Look out Briscoes and the Warehouse – don’t try and put bulk displays on the floor to get customers attention. But it is ok retailers – don’t worry there are going to be good reasons behind this decision – I hope.

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