Introduction to ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Scheme (WSMP)

Introduction to ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Scheme (WSMP)


The Workplace Safety Management Practices scheme (WSMP) is a nationally recognised standard in organisational Health and Safety. Through its ten critical elements it gives a good coverage of what an successful organisations need to have in place to exercise best practice health and safety in their workplace.

This introductory course gives and overview of the structure and content of the scheme. What is involved in participating in it and what are the potential benefits of achieving the audit standards. Many organisations have been involved in WSMP in the past or have considered it but not known who to engage with it in a way that is both cost effective and practical. This course is tailored to whatever industry the training is required for.


Course participants will learn about the WSMP scheme and how it applies to their organisation. We will go into detail of what is required for the ten critical elements and their application to the workplace. What is involved in preparing for the audit and and the audit process itself is also covered, including focus groups and workplace observations.

WSMP Audit Critical Elements

1. Employer Commitment to safety management systems

2. Planning, review and evaluation

3. Hazard Identification, assessment and management

4. Information, training and supervision

5. Incident and injury reporting, recording and investigation

6. Employee participation in health and safety management

7. Emergency planning and readiness

8. Protection of employees from on-site work undertaken by contractors and sub-contractors

9. Workplace observation

10. Focus group interviews with management and employees


Course: Introduction to ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Scheme (WSMP)

Duration: 2 Hours

Max # Participants: 20 people

Cost: $400 plus gst

Training Provider: HR Development and Training Ltd

Trainer: Dave Griffith

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