White collar workplace drug testing on the increase

White collar workplace drug testing on the increase

If you think a couple of glasses of wine at lunch or taking a few sleeping pills before bed is OK because you work a desk job or do not operate heavy machinery, take heed.

While workplace drug testing is legislated in the mining and transport industries, more white collar industries are showing interest, according to a drug testing service.

”In one case a fatigued office worker put an electric stapler through his thumb, while in a separate incident a worker came back from lunch after a couple of drinks and got his tie caught in a paper shredder,” said the Australian Workplace Drug Testing Services director, Tony Graham.

While not legislated in most workplaces, office staff are being asked to fill up little white cups and get tested, Mr Graham said. The amount of drug tests his company carried out increased 25 per cent last year.

While most of that growth was from the mining and transport industries, he said some law firms, IT companies and medical clinics were introducing testing.

Many workers were not aware using ”legal uppers and downers” such as caffeine tablets and antihistamines could be dangerous, he said.

Mr Graham said 90 per cent of positive test readings were caused by legal drugs.

– Melissa Davey, Sydney Morning Herald

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