Managing Poor Performing Employees

Managing Poor Performing Employees

Introduction :

Talk to just about any manager and they will have a tale of woe about a current or past employee who drove them insane by not doing their job properly and proved devilishly hard to remove from their employment.

All to often the HR advice that managers get is asked for too late and when it does arrive it can offer little more than pointing out the various clauses in company policy with which to pummel the employee.

Early intervention is the key to avoiding entrenched positions where there is no happy ending for either side.

This course will make a valiant attempt to equip managers with the right mindset to take responsibility for performance issues with employees.

To show them that there is another alternative to performance improvement plans and hardcore fascist HR tactics. One where lambs frolic in the meadow and bees buzz around the daisys and all live in harmony.

Well not quite but there are often less painful ways of raising performance rather than the big stick and this training course will reveal them with stunning clarity.


Taking a long run up we will look at the root causes of poor performance and the ingredients that go into turning a good performer on day one of their employment into someone who seems to want to do anything but what they are employed to do.

We will learn that management is about prevention rather than policing.

Having understood why employees catch the poor performance virus and what our role is as manager of this unfortunate individual or team – we will work through practical examples of common situations from real workplace experiences to decide how best we can defuse the situation and ramp up work output to a higher level.


Course: Managing Poor Performing Employees

Duration: 3 Hours

Max # Participants: 20 people

Cost: $1000 plus gst (that is total cost for up to 15 people)

Training Provider: HR Development and Training Ltd

Trainer: Dave Griffith

For more information or booking, email Dave Griffith at or call 021-2221359

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