Health and Safety – Contractor Management

Health and Safety – Contractor Management

The Principal's Office - where all naughty contractors get sent for correction.


Managing contractors is a full-on business and then there is health and safety. That little piece of compliance legislation with a sting in the tail for unsuspecting players.

For many companies and organisations who engage contractors, the health and safety side of things can often been left to one side.

Often there is that conversation between Principal (you) and contractor that goes something like Principal – “You all good for health and Safety”? Contractor- “Yeah we are all sorted” Principal – “Cool.”

Then something goes badly wrong on the job and the Principal finds out that loads of stuff that they thought the contractor had responsibility for are is fact according to legislation and the Department of Labour laid at the feet of the Principal as well.

This course will clearly outline to managers and supervisors what they are (and are not) required to do regarding health and safety and contractors.

As is the normal HR Development and Training Ltd way we will tailor this course to suit your particular industry or organisation.


Course participants will learn the practical truth about what the health and safety act requires them – as the principal – to do about contractors.

Content includes the answers to some of life’s big questions like;
– What responsibilities do we have as a principal have when we engage a contractor?
– How can we limit our liability should something go wrong?
– How are we supposed to deal with those wild creatures called subcontractors?
– Why is doing nothing not a smart thing to do?

For organisations involved in ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Practices programme, we will cover exactly what each audit point requires them to do.

Participants will get to look at their own organisations health and safety contractor management policy and procedures, and in light of their exciting new knowledge offer suggestions for any enhancements.


Course: Health and Safety – Contractor Management

Duration: 3 Hours

Max # Participants: 20 people

Cost: $420 plus gst

Training Provider: HR Development and Training Ltd

Trainer: Dave Griffith

For more information or booking email Dave Griffith or call 021-2221359

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